The Warrior Collection is to honor the brave souls who have battled cancer. Regardless of where you might be on your journey, we want to support the fighters, admire the survivors, honor the taken, acknowledge the warriors that you are, and reassure you that we will never give up hope for a cure.

One year ago today, I officially became a “previvor” of breast & ovarian cancer. I took my first warrior steps and underwent a prophylactic double mastectomy at just 32 years old. A little backstory of how this decision was made...my Mom has been in remission from breast cancer a little over 5 years now (praise God!).   My Mom’s Mom fought for so long and ran such a brave race against breast cancer that later metastasized, and she ultimately didn’t win her battle. Thankfully over the last 20+ years modern medicine and advances against this disease have progressed, and with each day we know more and get closer to finding a cure. My Mom and I thank God daily for how hard my Grandmother fought. Only because of her, the early detection was possible for my Mom, and genetic testing was accessible for me. We know God’s hand has been in every step of our story and we don’t take it for granted that my Grandmother’s sacrifice has helped save us.  It is my hope that this collection will honor her, my Mom, and all the other brave warriors walking this same road. 

When you see the pieces from this collection, know they are meant to cultivate hope, strength, love, devotion, and encouragement. Each item has been intentionally designed to show support for the warriors in your life. My very favorite aspect of this collection is how I’ve had the privilege of partnering with two other women-owned small businesses.  I wouldn’t have made it through my journey without the support of all the amazing women in my life, and I knew the perfect way to pay tribute to that would be to team up with some other amazing ladies and bring this vision to life! We are so excited to give back to this community, and are pleased to announce that portions of the proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society.  Whether you’re purchasing these pieces for yourself, as an encouragement gift, or to honor someone you love, please know that we know how personal this is and as we hand craft your order, you are being prayed for by name. We are excited for you to share your stories with us and we thank you for supporting all of our small businesses!