About Us

My husband and I are from a small town in North Carolina and it will forever hold a piece of our hearts. Our first duty station was down in Georgia, which was a true comfort to still be in the South as we navigated uncharted waters and adjusted to military life. As we made our first house a home, my artistic and creative talents were truly set in motion. We attempted more DIY projects than I can even remember, and probably more than my husband cares to! At the end of each project, I was left with a burning passion to create more. I quickly realized dreaming up projects and carrying those visions out could be more than just a weekend to-do, and that is how Berryed In The South was born! There have been lots of pauses in business over the years, as deployments, babies, 4 PCS moves, and life have continued on. I believe that God doesn’t give us talents not to use them. When it comes to my story, He has always been faithful with His timing, so I am trusting that wholeheartedly as I re-launch this business!

Over the years, my vision has evolved from embroidery, to painting, to major home upgrades, to special gifts for loved ones, and even calligraphy for weddings, special events, and workshops. The one thing that has remained constant, is my love to make each item I create personal to whom is on the receiving end. I love to celebrate any and everything, and I know that can only be made more special with specific detail and personal touches. Being a part of so many special moments for family, friends, and our community has brought me unspeakable JOY. I am excited and honored to serve you and your loved ones, as I bring Berryed In The South home to you!

xoxo,  Lauren Berry